11 August, 2012

Techno fans and Party lovers, Zürich street parade:  this year’s theme: FOLLOW YOUR HEART! 

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This year Zürich parade theme is the FOLLOW YOUR HEART because it is the symbol of peaceful coexistence and highlights the corners, nooks and crannies, various facets and potholes that each of us carries. Let your heart sparkle and shine brightly like a precious stone, organizers says, but we Tibetan youths are took part Zürich street parade not for fun and entertain rather we show the world that we Tibetans are suffering under communist dictatorship. We took part this street parade with Tibetan National flag and some placards mainly because this year Zürich Street parade organizers invited some Chinese from mainland. There were around 1 million music lovers took part and live telecast in Swiss TV channels.

In this picture taken August 11, 2012, thousands of people gather in the city center of Zurich, Switzerland, as they participate in the annual Street Parade ‘Follow your Heart!’.

Dancing to the rhythms of techno music and dressing themselves in fancy costumes the participants enjoyed a peaceful and colourful party at the shore of the Zurich lake.