Erlangen. Germany, 27 March, 2012


 1.  May His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the champion of world peace, live for tens of thousands of years! He must be invited to Tibet. I firmly believe and pray that Tibetan brothers and sisters would gather together in front of Potala Palace and sing the Tibetan national anthem thunderously.Jampel Yeshi wishes in Tibetan

2.  My fellow Tibetans! If you care about your happiness and future, you must have the spirit of patriotism. Patriotism is the soul of a nation. Moreover, it is the confidence in search of truth; and also the harbinger of a happy future. My fellow Tibetan! If we are spire to peace and happiness in par with other people around the world, we should hold dear to your heart the word ‘patriotism’. You should make effort in all deliberations, big or small. In general, ‘patriotism’ is the insight that distinguishes truth from falsehood.

3.  Freedom is the foundation of peace and happiness of the living beings. Life without freedom is like a lamp amidst the wind. This is our direction: we know it clearly that if the six million fellow Tibetans of the three province of Tibet consolidated our energy / effort we will achieve our goal. I beg you! Never give up!

4.  What I express here is the issue of six million Tibetans. I reckon that we need in our struggle for our people are: if you have money and wealth, it is high time to spend on it; if you have knowledge, it is a critical time to bring them together; and if you have a life, this is the day to sacrifice it. Offering the precious human body to the fire in the twenty- first century is a sheer signal of the six million Tibetans telling the people of the world that Tibetans have no human rights and equality. People around the world! If you have concern and compassion, please pay heed to the plight of the poor Tibetans.

5.  We want freedom to practice our religious tradition, our traditional fields of learning and the Tibetan language. We want equal rights enjoyed by the people around the world. People of the world, please stand up for us! Tibet belongs to Tibetans.

Victory to Tibet!

Tawu Jampel Yeshi

16 March, 2012

Translated from Tibetan by Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam peltsok along with Tenzin Gyaltsen