2012, 13 March

1,212 cities, municipalities and counties all over Germany hoisted the Tibetan national flag on 10 March at town halls and public buildings as well as displaying the flag on their websites.

Several regional capitals – Bremen, Hanover, Magdeburg, Potsdam, Saarbruecken, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden and the parliament of the state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen flew the Tibetan flag.

By hoisting the Tibetan national flag, the cities, municipalities and counties affirmed on behalf of thousands of their citizens “the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination and protest against the violations of human rights and the destruction of the Tibetan people’s culture, religion and national identity,” said Flag for Tibet organisers’ press release.

Tibet Initiative Deutschland, the German Tibet Support Group initiated the project in 1996.

“It is time now for the international community to listen to the Tibetan people and to put the long neglected Tibet problem on its agenda”, said Monika Deimann-Clemens, coordinator of the flag for Tibet, “otherwise we become responsible for a further escalation of the situation in Tibet”.

The press released called on the German government to send a fact-finding delegation to Tibet.

In the Czech Republic, as part of international action “flag for Tibet” campaign, over 400 councils, municipalities and county offices of Czech towns and villages hoisted the Tibetan flags as a symbol of support for the non-violent Tibetan struggle for their rights and efforts to preserve national identity.

In Switzerland 200 local councils and municipalities hoisted the Tibetan flag.

About 20 Italian regional councils have passed motions condemning the Chinese atrocities in Tibet.