Dharamshala, July 01: The organizing committee of the 32nd Kalachakra initiation to be held in Bod Gaya in Bihar today opened a website meant to give information to devotees attending the event that starts in the first of January next year.

Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche did the honor of launching the website http://www.kalachakra2012.org/at a press conference organized by the organising members at the new Kashag building. The website gives details of the teaching schedules, accommodations during the teaching, site map of the teaching venue among others.

Rinpoche in his address to the media said none of the previous Dalai Lamas have given Kalachakra initiations so much as the 14th Dalai Lama who has already initiated 30 Kalachakra teaching so far. The 31st teaching is to be held from July 6 this year in Washington DC and the 32nd teaching is to be held from December 31st to January 10 next year.

Kalachakra initiation is considered to be one of the biggest religious ceremonies in the Buddhist communities worldwide and is sparingly conducted over the years since the practice was first started.

The organizer regretted the loss of late Arunachal Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, who was solely credited for requesting the Dalai Lama to confer the teaching and one of the chief sponsors of the teaching. Khandu however died in a tragic helicopter crash on April 30 this year.

The organizer expects a crowd turnout for the Kalchakra event including Tibetans from Tibet and Chinese Buddhists from the Mainland although exact figures couldn’t be yet known.

“We estimate about 2 lakh devotees, pilgrims, enthusiast and visitors for the 32nd Kalachakra,” Nawang Norbu, the Chairman of the organizing committee told reporters today.

“The age factor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who will turn 76 this year and the rarity of Kalachakra initiation especially at Bod Gaya, the place of Guatam Buddha’s enlightenment are possible reasons for large crowd turn up,” Norbu speculated.

Besides the teaching during the Kalachakra initiation, organizer said a ‘World Peace Prayer’ and a ‘Life Long prayer offering to Dalai Lama’ will also be conducted and is likely to attract many international figures.

“‘World Peace Prayer’ proposed to be organized on January 01 in Patna will be attended by heads of all the religions of the world, Nobel Laureates, Scholars and intellectuals,” Pema Khandu, the son of late Dorjee Khandu, who is the chief patron of the organizing committee said in a message on the website.

The Kalachakra teaching has 22 prinicipal donors that include individuals and organizations from various parts of the world. The organizer said the family of Dorje Khandu will entirely bear any additional expenses over and above the donations received for the teaching.

The organizers said they will strive to keep the campus of Kalachakra event free of non-veg foods during the entire course of the teaching.

“It is an important wish of Dalai Lama as well as the organizers to keep the Kalachakra event entirely meat-free and we will make utmost effort in appealing the devotees to strictly follow the vegetarian dietary,” the organizer said.