London, 26 June, 2011


Tibetans protest against Chinese Premier

Chinese Premier Wen Jaibao who is on a three day visit to the UK arrived to a noisy reception outside the Mandarin hotel this sunday afternoon, Wen Jaibao who will be staying at the hotel tonight is due to meet British Primeminister David Cameron tomorrow for a summit meeting and is also due to attend the Royal society later on in the afternoon, Human rights activists and people from Tibet demonstrated loudly outside the hotel and were met with a counter protest by the people of china, thou there was angry loud exchanges between the two groups there was no trouble or civil disobedience, the human rights activists and the people of Tibet held placards and large banners displaying torture and killing in occupied Tibet whilst the counter demonstraters had extra large drums and tannoy systems delivered in order to drown the noise made by the opposition,the police who were in full control did not have to do anything to harsh to keep the two sides apart, the demonstration quietened down after the Chinese supporters of Wen Jaiboa left around 18.30, a dozen or so pro Tibet supporters stayed on and protested in a peaceful and civil manner,there was no arrests during my stay and the protest continued peacefully with full co operation of the police.