Budapest Police Headquarters expressed their regret with 13,333.33 EUR for six Free Tibet demonstrators

Budapest Police Headquarters expressed their regret, in May 2008 for having illegally produced and detained six people who were protesting for freedom of Tibet in Budapest.

2008 May 9, Budapest Vth district University Square, the spontaneous demonstration against Chinese delegation led by Mr. Jia Qinglin, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) visited the Faculty of Law University, in which people took a Tibetan National flags, and World Famous slogan  “Free Tibet” shouted the words. Chinese delegates in Hungary: Tibetan protest cancel scheduled tour of River Danube The police in the unannounced demonstration of six participants have been produced and launched proceedings against them.

The police intervened in seconds: Hendrey Tibor, president of the Tibet Support Association and five other activists- including three Tibetan citizens – was arrested and produced Vth District Police Station, where they were detained till dawn the next day.

The Tibetans were arrested and produced also Choegyal Tenzin, who teaches in the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, as well as compile Tibetan-Hungarian Dictionary work, and one who received ordered in year 2007 Tibetan official concerned about expulsion of kin from Hungary from authority to leave Hungary on the basis of Government Decree, whereas in Hungary on the basis of that regulation is no longer accepted by the Indian government issued Identity Certificate and travel document.

The Tibet independence demonstrators – many of the world, like that seen in other countries – of their rights guaranteed under the Convention have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Chinese policy towards Tibet because of all of this done peacefully, but the spontaneous Demonstrations, along with their voices, the spirit of freedom is suppressed flag unjustified and disproportionate police action.

The reasoning of the court order stipulated that the demonstrators under the circumstances of each case taking into account only used their right of expression, not exceeding the specified limits.

The case clearly points out that human rights and fundamental freedoms on the protection of Rome, 1950. November 4 at the Convention and its Additional Protocol of eight on the promulgation of the 1993rd XXXI. Following the entry into force of Law applicable laws are still not always taken into account by the competent authorities.

Again, it should be noted by the Constitutional Court 78/2008 (V.29). No. its decision of law, which relied on 11 of the Convention of Rome Articles, case law related to the right of assembly on the basis of the application for unemployment with regard to compulsory winding, assembly on the right of the 1989th Act III. 14 of the Law § in regulated provision was repealed.

Vth District Police Department under the procedure against demonstrators 2008 by decision dated May 9, in 218/1999. Act (XII. 28) Government Decree 40 /According to § disobedience as a legitimate action against Hendrey Tibor dishonest offense and three activists of 30000.00 HUF per person, while two activists of 40000.00 HUF per person penalty imposed.

The National Legal Aid Service, a result of the complaint submitted by the (acting as representative: dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy’s lawyer, managing director of the National Legal Aid Service), the Pest Central District Court’s order of V District Police 2008th dated May 9, has changed its decision as being Hendrey Tibor for the tens of thousands moderated imposed a fine of forty thousand forints, while the other subject of the proceedings in the case ignored the fine, and they received a warning, but still achieved for classifying victims of the alleged offense.

After more than two years later, on 13th of February, 2011, Budapest Police Headquarters expressed their regret with 3600000.00 HUF approximately 13,333.33 EUR for having illegally produced and detained six people who were protesting for freedom of Tibet in Budapest May 2008. Official Declaration