11 Feb, 2011

Are Chinese People have enough brave to re-start 1989 Tiananmen Square like Cairo’s central Tahrir Square?

Peoples’ Power: Joy As Egypt’s President Mubarak Steps Down

Hosni Mubarak has stepped down as president of Egypt, prompting scenes of elation in in central Cairo.

Roars of joy erupted from tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo as the announcement was made by the leader’s deputy, Omar Suleiman, in a televised address.

Some fell to kiss the ground, and others chanted, “Goodbye, goodbye”.

Mr Mubarak has handed over control to army chiefs, vice-president Suleiman said in a brief speech.

The embattled leader’s 30-year reign ended following more than two weeks of angry and sometimes violent demonstrations involving anti-government protesters, riot police and Mubarak supporters.

China’s tightly controlled state-run media has reported on the unrest in Egypt but has scrubbed public commentary on its political origins from micro-blogs, wary that calls for reform in the Arab world’s most populous nation could ripple into China.