Greenpeace Hungary demonstrates to shore up GMO ban

Thursday February 10 2011


Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – Hungarian Greenpeace activists on Thursday added a collection of signatures to a European campaign to collect one million signatures for a petition against easing EU rules on producing genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Benedek Javor, a deputy of the green opposition Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party, urged Hungary’s Parliament to join a Croatian initiative to create a GMO-free bioregion called Alp-Adria at a campaign event held in front of Parliament.Pending approval from Hungarian parliament in the spring, Hungary is ready to join Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and some north Italian provinces in their efforts to ban GM produce from their lands, he said.

The demonstrators used grey bull and a curly wooly Racka sheep — both breeds indigenous to Hungary — to drive home their message.

Javor said greens object to a proposal in the pipeline — supported by several countries — for the EU to hand the right to regulate GM crops to individual member states.

Marta Vetier, Greenpeace’s EU expert, told the gathering that under the Lisbon Treaty, the one million signatures collected would oblige the European Commission to take a stand on the GM issue.

During its presidency, Hungary will lead a working group in the European Council which will debate GM bans in European countries.