C H A N G I N G   W I N D!!!!

I follow the Katri Election , To feel to Public Pulse,

Listening to the wind of change
A Winter Chilling night, People passing by
Listening to the wind of change

The election closing in, Did we ever think
That we could work so close,like brothers and sisters
About the  future’s of Tibet, I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change.

On a glory Moment, Where the children of tomorrow will vote,
Will blow the wind of change Taking us to the magical moment
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams
With you and me

The wind of change is blowing straight Into the face of time
Changing the Old result of Vote, Creating place for Mr. CLEAN
He is a Gentleman, Humble man, Capable Man and A Public Man
Singing the song of Honesty and Reality, A Leader of Today, Tashi  Wangdi!!!
Our sicnere effort  will Take us to the magical moment
Where the tomorrow is sharing our dream, Where my spirit goes high!!
Listining to the wind of change, Change by the Voter now to Kasur Tashi Wangdi-la.