Budapest plans to honor Dalai Lama

The city of Budapest plans to make the Dalai Lama an honorary citizen this year, Nepszava daily reported on Thursday.

The Tibetan spiritual leader is a popular figure here and has made many visits to the country.

The list of distinguished people who are to be honoured by the city has been drawn up by the municipal assembly in secrecy, but Mayor Gabor Demszky earlier made it clear that he would announce the honour when the Dalai Lama visits Budapest in September.

The honour is usually handed over by the mayor on November 17, the day that marks the unification of Buda and Pest.

Hungary holds its local elections on October 3. If the Dalai does indeed receive the tribute, then it is strongly likely that Istvan Tarlos, the Fidesz candidate to head the municipality, will be the one to hand it over rather than Demszky.

His Holinesss The Dalai Lama has visited six times in Hungary, the last in 2000. The September program is only one European country to visit Canada. From last week, all seats are booked. Auditoriums where organized for His Holiness teaching is biggest sport stadium in Hungary. More than 4000 people are demanding for extra Ticket to hear His Holiness teaching and his blesssing.